SmartSkin is a solutions provider. We solve noise and vibration issues in surfaces and surface structures. We supplant partial or ineffective solutions with more efficient solutions. We are not "slaves" to existing noise and vibrational energy. We control it and change its very nature by designing methods to move and confine it and then aid in the implementation of cost efficient, weight efficient and volume efficient methods for its mitigation as needed.

SmartSkin solutions are based on over ten years and millions of dollars worth of research effort to date. That effort continues even today. We supply our background and expertise. You supply the problem. The result is a solution developed for real-world execution.

SmartSkin works with customer clients in a mode that we call Joint Application Development ("Development"). Due to the nature of this Development customers become Strategic Partners in the solutions process, providing feedback during Development that focuses our efforts to meet our Partners' needs, not only for noise and vibration control but also for commercial practicality. In short, our solutions are grounded in the commercial realities of cost, implementation and product improvement. Our solutions are not merely academic exercises.

Steps in the Development process are generally as follows:

  • Contact Roger Kubicki, SmartSkin's Vice President, Business Development (contact information may be found below or on the Contact page).

  • Provide a description of the noise and/or vibration issue.

  • Provide drawings, product or prototype samples, history of attempts and effectiveness in controlling noise and vibration in the product, component or application. Tell us your ultimate reduction goal. We will also want to know what components may be adjusted in the solution and what must remain fixed as well as existing timing issues, if any.

  • We will propose a multi-phased approach to providing a solution with each phase priced separately. The reason for this approach is to allow for feedback at several stages of the Development process and to provide several points at which activities may be modified as desired. Generally, phases include:

  • Identification of noise and/or vibration source(s).

  • Identification of offending vibration modes through computer modeling and simulation

  • Identification of a solution set(s)

  • Production and testing of a prototype

  • Refinement of prototype as needed

  • Transition to commercial production

Early during the development process we will mutually agree to a licensing and royalty arrangement based upon successful solution development and implementation.

Please note that because applications must be individually designed and because of the great demand for the technology we must limit Development to Strategic Partners that offer significant royalty potential.
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