The applications listed in this Fields of Use section are not meant to be complete. Several fields of use have significant overlap such that it may be difficult to fit certain applications into a specific niche. For instance, reducing noise and vibration in a home appliance may include elements involving Motors or Enclosures (the outside sheathing). While internally at SmartSkin we consider this more of an Enclosure application, we have actually added a separate category for your convenience. Similarly, improving a teaching setting will call for elements of Architectural Surfaces as well as Office and Institutional Environments. Automobile noise, vibration and harshness abatement may contain elements of Motors, Architectural Surfaces, and Enclosures as well as Windows & Doors.

If your specific application does not fall neatly into a listed category please do not assume that the SmartSkin technology is not applicable. Take a look through the information contained herein and you will no doubt see examples or applications that are similar to yours. Should you have specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us at
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